Estate & Manor is an online magazine portal which is dedicated to global private staffing and luxury lifestyle services. Estate & Manor offers readers a glorious insight into the world of working with affluent individuals – All of our contributors are known for their expertise and knowledge. These domestic staff areas consist of: Estate Management, Lifestyle Management, Yacht and Jet Crew, Childcare and Education plus many, many more.

Estate & Manor features articles on a monthly basis which serve to give advice, share experiences and engage readers across the industry. Our world-class contributors are highly-experienced in the world of affluence and luxury lifestyle services, and are in a position to help you achieve your goals and contribute towards your success in this fantastic industry.


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CareeristEstate & Manor is tailored towards the assistance and guidance of all individuals working within the luxury services niche. We provide a private staff jobs board on our magazine for all readers looking for advancement in their vocation. All vacancies are dedicated to the global domestic staffing industry such as: Estate Managers, Butlers, Yacht Crew, Housekeepers, Private Chefs, Executive Personal Assistants.